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About us

LimeIT main activity is to deliver high quality on-site IT services to companies originally based on Terre Bonne Business Park in Eysins. Our experienced team of IT professionals analyze your requests immediately and assign LimeIT engineer to deliver on time the requested on-site service.
Most of the time (15 or 30 minutes after the call) we are able to fix or work around an IT software, hardware or network issue. The goal is to minimize costly IT blocking time for your employees.
We have a great experience communicating and applying the IT group's security policies and deploying them on your site. Over time we are able to propose appropriate procedures (spare / backup) allowing efficiency IT issue resolution.
LimeIT has also experience when re-arranging office or moving is necessary. In this case we are able to manage and realize the achievement of moving projects.
Other activities of LimeIT applies to: training, IT consulting, software installation/configuration and software development projects.